Be it Passover, Easter, or just the change of season – the Vernal Equinox and arrival of spring mark the vivacious new chapter in the New Year.  After the tumultuous shift into the New Year has occurred (If you are in the Northeast, you are particularly familiar with this year’s tumultuous “transition”) and now all look to the fruits to come – if they haven’t already arrived.  What better time to mark my own turn into a new chapter?

This week, I begin my new mission – or should I say new role in a continued mission – at The Four Block Foundation.  I will be closing a chapter where I served as a Campus Recruiter and leading voice in the company’s Veteran Initiative Committee at the world’s largest Insurance Company – AIG.  I accomplished quite a bit while at AIG, and I hope to still help them accomplish some of their goals that coincide with our goals at Four Block.

To AIG I say:  Thank you for the time and ability for me to continue developing myself while having a mission and contributing to value for something other than myself.

To Four Block: Thank you for inviting me in. I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of the team!

As I write this – I can’t help but think that in my move to Four Block, I’ve managed to directly address two of my 2015 Goals in one!  I will have a great involvement in Four Block (which if you have read, is not a new organization to me) AND I will be taking on an advanced role with more responsibility.  The ability for me to take on a role that is quite accurately a ‘passion project’ is incredibly humbling.

The role will be incredibly exciting, challenging, demanding and – rewarding!  As the Director of Programs in New York City, I will have the opportunity to work with some of the most: well-trained, ambitious and determined Student Veterans that the region has.  On top of that, I will have the privilege of being a part of their development.  At an operational level, I will have the opportunity to be a part of Four Block growing, and developing more relationships, more offerings, and more opportunities for Four Block students and the organizations that support them.

At a tactical level – I will have a new routine and a new balance of priorities.  It may sound simple or even silly, but I look forward to my new schedule allowing me to get to the gym in the AM, or go running, or complete an Insanity/T25/#Spartan30/WOD workout without having to get up before 5 am!  I might be a Vet, but I’ve never enjoyed getting up early – if it wasn’t for the excitement of getting to jump out of a perfectly fine aircraft over the gorgeously green fields of Alabama, I would have REALLY struggled at jump school.

I am very excited to share this time and new chapter with you.  Here’s to jumping into a new chapter, and to earning the fruits to come!