Maker’s 46 via Maker’s Mark Website

First, a quick admin note: I’ve decided to focus on bourbons that I can get in the smaller bottles, so I don’t have to polish off an entire 750ml bottle before getting to try the next new flavor. That said… Maker’s was the first of those tried via the smaller, 375ml bottle.

Maker’s 46 takes its position on the list at #4, just ahead of Gentry Bourbon and very close third behind Four Roses Yellow Label. I’m thinking I’ll have to put 46 and the Yellow Label head to head at a later date.

I think I’m leaning toward the wood-finished bourbons. Maker’s 46, being the first in the distillers wood-finished bourbons is a version of the cask strength with some wood stave finishing on the back-end. This drinks easy, and I’d say this is probably something I could drink straight, but is doing very well in the Simple recipe.

It sort of blends in with the mid $30 pricing, which tells me I need to make an effort to look more at bourbons in the $20 and sub $20 price range, to really test the taste/price theory. I mean, why not? $16 Jim Beam is holding solid in the #2 spot.