LifebyDamien started as a place where I could learn and share learning in areas of interest. It’s still up to the same thing but has now expanded. As life, time allotment, and interests adjust and change – my focus and contributions will change


All of my original works will remain posted, and I may revisit some of my traditional topics in Veteran integration, Leadership, and Marketing. You can select the “ChronoBlog” tab to see the most recent posts in reverse-chronological order. Otherwise, you can select blog posts by topic by utilizing the ChronoBlog dropdown.

The Old Fashioned Way

Selecting “The Old Fashioned Way” will take you to the home page for my most recent area of interest – Bourbon. Updates and additional info on Tastings (where most posting will be), Recipes, and Tools & Accessories can all be found by utilizing The Old Fashioned Way‘s drop down menu.