What’s a good Blog without links to good people and places?

The New York Stock Exchange  They are the Big Stage!  Their efforts and pioneering in Veteran Transition initiatives is amazing, and has already influenced many other great organizations.  I was lucky enough to work with the team there to continue their efforts.  Simply amazing, and admirable.

The Institute for Veterans and Military Families  Wow, what amazing work they are doing at the IVMF!  I have referenced their works and enjoying seeing their continued efforts both there at Syracuse University, and by their partners and contributors.  The institute was Founded and is still lead by Exec. Director, Dr. Mike Haynie.

Nakama  Capturing the essence of brotherhood through competition!  I love Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and the team at Nakama tells the story of the brotherhood and familial lifestyle shared by BJJ-practitioners and fighters of all walks. Amazing work, and even better people.  Not to mention providers of some of my favorite apparel!

Pete Ulatan Photography  Pete is a good friend, a fellow BJJ Revolution Brother, and an amazingly talented photographer and graphic artist.  If you want yourself, your business, or your portfolio associated with one of the most positive, genuine, and most incredibly one of the most passionate people in the scene right now, Pete is your man!

BJJ Revolution Team  Where I started my official training in BJJ.  They train you with all their heart and take care of each other like family.  I’ve never seen such camaraderie outside of the Marine Corps.  Special acknowledgement to Rafael Dalinha, Jeff Messina, Tim Monteiro, Rodrigo Medieros, Bobby Dean, Bob Campbell, Chris Kessler, Ryan Verala, James Geggie, Derrick, Austin Palin and all the fellow BJJ Revolution family I’ve been able to learn so much from!

Creative Stirrups  Easy to say, I’ve got family ties here.  My Aunt and Uncle are up to great things!

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