I still have a backlog of the already ranked bourbons – but here’s to a new tasting of Gentry Bourbon – Reserve Batch.

Seems right for a BBQ and heated patio on a cool evening.

So, I bought this one sort of ‘blind’ as I browsed the bourbon isle of the Total Wine & More in South San Jose. I hadn’t read any reviews. When I got home – I got nervous after seeing it being bashed on a few places. But, I still gave it a shot.

First – I have learned that “drinking” and “tasting” are different. Well – since my intent is to see what bourbons I like in an Old Fashioned whiskey cocktail, I’m not concerned about formally ‘tasting’. To get to the point – the Gentry is pretty good. I’m going to rank it 4th out of the current 6.

The smokey flavor is more comparable to the Jim Beam Black that I have ranked at #2. Though, the smokey flavor is much more subtle in comparison. The sort of alcohol-y flavor/sensation is a bit higher than the Four Roses (Single Barrel or Yellow). This was almost a tie with Buffalo Trace, but I’m keeping the rule of no ties.

The controversy: It seems there are two reasons this bourbon carries some stigma.
1 – it’s distilled in Kentucky and Indiana before being rapidly aged (some sort of method) in Charleston, SC – thus baring the Charleston/Holy City geo-tag in its branding.
2 – The bourbon is apparently tied to a Bravo series, Southern Charm. I didn’t know the show existed until I was reading reviews and saw criticism about a reality start not being equipped to make bourbon.

Eh – I hold no bias on the matter and it’s a bourbon I’d buy again. At the same price point as Woodford Reserve, it has Woodford beat by a long-shot. Key stats:

  • Distilled: Kentucky & Indiana
  • Aged: Charleston, SC
  • Proof: 90
  • Single or Blended: Blended
  • Age: Not sure, but the website boasts some hyper-aging process that mimics lengthy aging in shorter time.