Part 2 – Courage

It has been a while since my last article.  For that I admit my faults in being delayed.  I will do my best to excuse myself, being that I have been very much consumed in the transition of going from military professional, to business professional.  I’ve stepped into a completely new world, and have so much to learn.

That being said, I’d like to start off with today’s article with an introduction.  I call it “Part 2 – Courage” even though if you scour the archives, I have never written a “Part 1”.  Or maybe I have…

“Honor, Courage & Commitment” is uttered as a motto for the Marine Corps, the Navy, and various versions have been used through-out the world.  My article, Do What You’re ‘posed To Do, was really about commitment.  This article, less ambiguously, will be about “courage”.  At some point, I will finish the 3 part series with “Honor”.

I’ve heard many meanings and definitions of “courage”: Moral Courage, physical courage, mental and emotional courage.  I’ve heard it described as, “Doing the right thing when nobody is looking”; “doing the right thing just because it is the right thing”; “persevering in the face of adversity and fear”; “facing your fears” and “not just not being afraid, but admitting you ARE afraid, and facing the challenge regardless”.

I can say, I feel like I’ve come across a time in my life where I have faced a test of my own courage.  I couldn’t tell you what definition it falls under, but I will admit it has, is and will continue to be tested.  Each day presents itself with new challenges.  However, the challenges are only new to me… the same hurdles to many others around me… aren’t really hurdles at all.  I guess you could say recently I have been facing the challenges of being a rookie – in a sport I’ve never played.  It is extremely shocking because I have gone from a place where I was nearly masterful at my trade, and often looked to for advise, mentorship, guidance and wisdom in my trade.  Now, I feel so very lacking in all of the fore-mentioned departments.

Going from one end to the other so drastically has created one of the biggest challenges I think I might have faced yet.  Being able to understand and retain my self-worth, while not inversely over-inflating my ego and feeling like I am “too good” for anything is difficult.  It is tough.  I can’t say what else it would be, other than courage that I face the new challenges.  There seems to be a struggle between self-belief and accepting/understanding of reality.  To what extent do I chase the dream and high-expectations that I have set? Am I on the right path to find them?  Or was it all just a lie?

It is here.  In this place —  I find a major test of courage.  Being able to hold on to a dream, not just dream but hold the conviction, swallow the pride, and continue to persevere to obtain the “dream” and make it reality.  Did I step onto the right path?  I don’t know – but if I didn’t, perhaps I will build one.