The New Game Plan 2013

Feb 1 – May 1, 2013

“The Game Plan 2013” is motivated by the Sarrano Kelley book, The Game: Win Your Life in 90 Days.  I have played it once before and it was a GREAT tool to help me focus on personal goals.  It helped me focus on making my goals S.M.A.R.T. and also to keep me on track when things were VERY hectic for me at the time.

You choose 3-6 games to play to improve your life.  They are all covered in the book, and here is a list:

The Game List

–          Balance

–          My Body and Health

–          My Money

–          My Relationships

–          My Spiritual Life

–          My Mind

–          My Tools

–          My Environment

–          My Education

–          My Family

–          My Work

–          My Charities

–          My Hobbies, Interests and Art


I HIGHLY encourage as many as are willing to join in The Game Plan 2013 and grow with me!

You will need:

–          Sarrano Kelley’s Book, The Game.

–          A WordPress Account

–          Email Account

–          The Will to be Better!

For all who participate, I already have a Private, Invitation only WordPress Blog set up.  There, we will make daily blog entries where we can hold each other accountable to our goals, and to encourage, and seek encouragement to reach our goals.  The goals can be as simple as saving for the weekend vacation, or losing a couple of percent of body fat.  The blog, again, is already set up, and you will only be able to access it if you are invited.  This is why you will need a WordPress account. (It’s free, just sign up already!)

I am making the announcement now so you have time to prepare.  Prepare by ordering the book on Amazon, and begin reading it. I suggest giving it a good read at the intro, scan the games sections, and really read the conclusions.  Then, decide on your games, reread those sections, and take note of the tools and suggestions/tables, etc that are offered!  I can even start a book discussion thread on The Game Plan 2013 Blog (that is the name of the invitation only blog).  You also need to make your WordPress account and give me your email to send you the invite!

Before The Game Plan 2013 begins on 1 Feb, Everyone should have some sort of template, or blog journal/statement of Games, Goals and Objectives listed that each person wants to be held accountable for.  Email this to me in a doc/docx format and I will start a new thread with it. That will become your progress thread, where we can see what you want to be held accountable for.

This is a “Game” about positive growth, support, accountability and working for improved life!  I have high hopes and hope to have as many on board as possible!  NOBODY is TOO BUSY for this!  IS your life perfect? If it is, congratulations and please join to help guide the rest of us!  If it is not, please join us and know you are helping to build your life and obtain your goals!

Please, do not hesitate to send me any questions, comments, or concerns. I look forward to an Amazing Game Plan 2013!