Mavens, Connectors and The Salesmen….  All credit due to Malcolm Gladwell and his amazing book, The Tipping Point.

I’m out to eat at restaurant A, and notice a server/bartender from restaurant B (also located nearby).  Not in uniform, she knew nearly half of the customers at restaurant A.  They didn’t just recognize her, she knew them and their stories.  And they knew hers… It was then, I saw it… She was, or rather is, a connector!

I began to notice this, and got excited that I was able to recognize it. But then I quickly thought to observe her interactions with the customers.  I wanted to further see if she was popular as just a moderately attractive “waitress” or if my snap assessment of her connector-hood, was correct.

I think her being attractive is not really a factor… When she talked with all who she knew, she listened, acknowledged, and recognized all her “fans” individually.  I was thinking… “sure, everyone talks to a bartender.. But, she wasn’t even in the place she worked.  She was at a competitor’s location!  And I don’t recall such a social, and known beyond, “I recognize you from B” waitress, server, or bartender.

So, is the natural ability to communicate with people what is so instinctive to those we call connectors? Is that the hiding-in-plain-sight secret of connectors?

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