I have always been a fan of solving problems.  Be it math problems, or mysteries, if I could “figure something out” I was interested.  As I got older I started taking on larger problems. I needed that feeling of accomplishment. Two of the largest and most accomplishing problems I have ever “solved” involved, one, one off my Marines, and the other, my youngest brother.  I may write something about those a later day. Today, as I make my first blog post from my Android device using the WordPress app, I want to address solving problems at their source -not just their symptoms.

Last week I was listening to either Shade 45 or Hip Hop Nation on SiriusXM satellite radio.  The topic of discussion was arguing if the age should be lowered to allow preteens to receive fat loss surgeries such as gastric-bypass or Lap-band.  Arguments seemed to lean for the dangerous surgeries. The supporting arguments generally referred to the bullying of over-weight children and their right to be seen as an equal peer amongst their peers.  Then the argument moved to the procedures giving the children a fair chance at health.  Arguments against lowering the age were limited to the immediate dangers of the actual surgical procedures and complications that may arise during the healing process.  Listening to the discussion I got quite aggravated.  Everyone was talking about a problem and trying to treat the SYMPTOMS!  Not ONCE did someone mention the SOURCE!

Being overweight = symptom. Being teased = symptom. Health issues due to obesity = symptom.  Living an unhealthy lifestyle and it being reinforced by the person’s environments = SOURCE!  This article is not about how to solve youth-obesity, but I couldn’t think of a more clear example of how we often mistakenly treat the symptoms of our problems instead of the source.  Weight loss surgeries are a temporary solution, at best, if the environment and reinforcing factors that lead to the child’s obesity aren’t addressed.

Treating the symptoms and not the source is like installing an air compressor on a tire with a hole in it so it doesn’t go flat. It will work with dramatic results at first.  But if the hole is not repaired or tire replaced, it will only get worse and the compressor will have done nothing but allowed the now worsened problem to be ignored until the problem reaches a near irreversible point. And when refereeing to health, that is definitely not the direction we want to go.

Every problem is unique, but taking the time to properly identify and treat the SOURCE of the problem instead of treating its symptoms, will generate far more successful and long term results. This applies in many places – business, marketing, health, budgeting, parenting, automotive, etc… Need I go on?

Thank you for continuing with me on my journey to better myself through the use of technology and written communication (especially with this being my first post made from my Android phone).  And please, feel free to add your comments, insights and ideas!

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4 thoughts on “Source Not Symptoms

    1. Thank you, and thank you for reading! Ah, yes… The importance of solid reviewing after writing and before posting! LOL. I actually reread the post on the computer and did not catch it. Good eyes my friend!

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